LoL – Poro-Rider Sejuani Mace

This is the first prop that I have ever made, I wanted to choose something fun with a simple design :> so I ended up choosing Poro Rider Sejuani’s flail.

Poro Rider Sejuani flail by SuperSiriusXIII

The handle is made with carved expanding foam, papier mâché, air dry clay, painted with automotive and acrylic paints, and a custom hand-wrap; the piece that holds the handle and Poro Snack together is a custom-cut and sewn leather strap, painted with dimensional paint, and has a snap for easy dismantling; and I wanted something soft for the Poro snack, so it is hand-stitched and made with anti-pill fleece, stuffed with hypo-allergenic stuffing, and finally painted with dimensional paint.

The total length of the piece is 165cm long (64.96 inches) from end to end. The handle is 45cm long (17.71 inches) from end to end; the leather strap is 87cm long (34.25 inches) from handle to Poro Snack (whilst holding both pieces together); and finally, the Poro Snack is 33cm long (12.99 inches) from loop to bite.

Poro Rider Sejuani flail by SuperSiriusXIII
I really enjoyed making it and I learned a lot both while I was making it and once it was done!



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