Falling Stardusk – Cabbit ears

Here is my fifth prop, or would this be more of a cosplay piece? These are actually my second commissioned prop 😀 these cute ears were commissioned through Twitter by the amazing artist Falling Stardusk (website / Facebook). She had posted a super cute image of her Cabbit character ❤ and had asked if anyone could make them! I said that I could and she commissioned me~ she sent me the following reference images to work off:

I set to work creating the ear base, I used worbla to create the ear shape and attached them to an easily-hidden metal headband, they have a nice natural wobble to them too! I also created the opals in this time too, I used a mould that I already had and created 4 white opals using resin, pearlescent white mica, and flakes of iridescent cellophane.

After the base and opals were created, I then created the sparkly feather tufts and golden ear cuffs for the tips of the ears; the cuffs themselves were made with a gold polymer clay. I combined feather trim with iridescent thread in a way that the thread would peak through the feathers. At this time I also added white mink to the inside of the ears and purple faux fur to the outside of the ears (I also added the chevrons/arrows at this time too).

One of the last things to do with the ears was to shave down the faux fur on the ears, this was so they didn’t look so shaggy and unkempt 🙂 this also brought the chevrons/arrows on the back of the ears.

Completed and shaved ears

I’m still waiting for the lovely dusk to receive them, but I truly hope that she’s happy with them!



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