This is a compilation of my Frequently Asked Questions that I have received. I update this periodically.

Digital Art

What tablet/software do you use?
I use a Wacom Cintiq Companion 2; as for software, I use Paint Tool SAI, Adobe Photoshop CS5, and Autodesk Sketchbook Pro.

What kind of paper do you print on?
I print on 210gsm high gloss paper, it really makes the colours pop!


Traditional Art

What mediums do you use?
I use Derwent Coloured pencils, Winsor & Newton Watercolours, and Chameleon Pens.

What kind of paper do you use?
I use 180gsm paper for coloured pencils, and 300gsm water colour paper for both watercolours and Chameleon pens.



Does your jewellery require batteries?
No, nothing that I sell will ever require batteries because that’s clunky! Anything in my store that glows will be either glowing paint, glowing clay or glowing pigments cast in resin!

Do you do custom trinket orders?
Yes, of course I do! I can either organize them as custom orders though Etsy for you or as a commission through Facebook or DeviantArt.

Can I get a rush order without purchasing your rush order?
No, that’s why I have it as a separate listing, I’m not going to be able to bump everyone to the front of the ordering list; so whoever purchases the “rush order” to go with their order, will get bumped before everyone else. And come on, you also get upgraded shipping on top of having your order finished faster :3

How do you make your magic goo/potion?
I love when people refer to it as “magic goo” whenever they ask me this question, my potions and “magic goo” are made with resin~

What kind of metal do you use for your studs/Can I order your earrings if I have metal allergies?
I use Rhodium-plated silver studs, rhodium is an element from the platinum group on the periodic table of elements, it’s commonly used as plating on white gold to keep it shiny/reflective, it’s resistant to corrosion and keeps the piece of jewellery more durable. But it supposedly does contain nickel. So to be safe, I’ll advise you to not purchase my earrings for yourself of anyone with metal allergies. Also, at the moment, it isn’t very profitable or possible for me to use other kinds of metal for earrings, I apologize for any inconvenience.

Is your jewellery waterproof?
Yes and no, my jewellery will withstand splashes of water and what not; but I will advise you to avoid submerging anything I sell in water.

Do you use moulds?
Not very often, but yes, for my resin jewellery I use moulds. And the majority of my moulds are self made, only a few of my moulds are bought (cupcake base mould, some of my gem moulds and sphere mould).

How long do your scented items stay scented?
At current count, it’s been about 2 and a half years, the scent does die down a bit, but they still remain very scented. The best way to prolong the scent would be to keep the item in the little bag that I mailed the item to you in.

Do your trinkets break easily?
No, I test all my jewellery for about 1-3 weeks before they hit the store, and I keep all prototypes and continue wearing them to see if they need to be revisited. If they can withstand a person like me, with everyday wear, bumping the item on things/scratching the item/pulling the item and other things, and they don’t break.

Why do you photograph all of your items on a black/dark grey background?
There’s a really strange reasoning behind this actually; because many of my items are made up of more than one colour, my camera has a tendency to eat up most of the colours of the items. This happens on anything other than a black/dark grey background!

Are your Princess Mononoke Crystal Daggers made with real crystal?
I wish I was talented enough to cut crystal, but no, they are made in my own resin molds with resin that has been coloured and has had mica powders added to it.



What type of fabric so you use?
I use minky, it’s super coft and cuddly; I also use felt for accents.

Could I have an allergic reaction to anything in the plushie?
I’d like to hope not! I use hypoallergenic stuffing, my plushies also come from a smoke-free home.



What materials do you use?
I use wood, craft foam, automotive paint, resin, and a whole lot of Epoxy and Hot glue!

What’s the biggest thing that you can make?
Any size is okay! But the problem is the weight and shipping prices!



Do you ship to [insert country here]?
Unfortunately, I only ship chocolates in Australia, this is to stop the chocolates from melting and becoming icky.



Where did you learn to draw/sculpt/cast/build?
A lot of it is self taught through trial and error or reading online tutorials!

Do you do giveaways?
I currently do not host any giveaways until I hit milestones on my social media platforms OR I just kind of feel like it~

Is it possible for me to pick up my order/art/prop?
I’m really sorry, but because I work from home, I don’t offer a pick-up option.

Would you like to guest on [insert place here]?
I judge things on a case by case basis, but if it’s something that I have interest in, more than likely, I’ll say yes!

Can I use your art/photos for [insert purpose here]?
Maybe? I say yes or no on a case by case basis. But please, unless it is clearly stated, please ask permission first before using my art/photos!