2016 BlizzCon Badges

Hi there~ here are the examples of the 2016 lot of Blizzcon Badges I did 😀 starting off with the Frame options and heading onto the art examples.

Past Badge Frames

The following were the badge frames for 2016; they are still an option if you prefer these to the current year’s frames.


Past Examples – Art

The following are finished art of some of my lovely customers:


Past Examples – Finished Piece

What my badges look like when they are complete:


Also, here’s a link to a video of a couple of different badge types~ including a really special one!


By default, full copyright on all art belongs to me: the creator, unless agreed otherwise. You do not have permission to sell, alter and/or use the artwork commercially in any way without a prior written consent from me; for commercial inquiries, please contact me as rates will be different. And finally, I reserve the right to refuse any commission, for any reason.