Dragon Tales – Dragon Scale

Here’s the third prop that I’ve ever gotten to work on! And it was my first ever commissioned prop! I was commissioned to create a dragon scale from the old cartoon Dragon Tales.

After getting the request for this commission, I had to do a lot of research! I didn’t know a thing about about Dragon Tales!

Onto the write up! This piece is made with polymer clay with a mesh wire armature for strength; I shaped the piece into a rough semi-circle and textured the clay thoroughly before baking.

After baking, the scale was painted white, covered in white pearl mica powder, and then finally covered in two different types of holographic glitters to catch the light! The entire piece was then sealed with Mod Podge, this holds the glitter in place and dries clear and shiny, which really makes the mica and glitter pop! This piece measures at 20cm tall (7.8 inches), 5cm wide (4.72 inches), 3cm thick (1.18 inches) (this is measured from the top of the curve to the base), and the clay thickness was 1cm thick (0.39 inches) .

All over, I truly enjoyed creating this piece. It was a lot of fun, and so sparkly! But, I’m still finding glitter all over my workspace!



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