Nickname: Val.
D.O.B: 26/07/1992 – ♌
Species: Catien.
Occupation: Marshmallow maker.
Drink: EneriFruit smoothies.
Flower: EneriBlooms.
Alignment: Chaotic Good.
Theme song: Tristam – Till it’s Over.


  • Marshmallows
  • Human treasures (sadly found in garbage)
  • EneriFruit
  • Naps
  • Cooking
  • Cook Books


  • Humans
  • Garbage
  • Rotten fruit
  • A failed marshmallow recipe
  • Mess
  • Bitter EneriFruit

Lila [friend] – they like to make and eat marshmallows together while drawing.
Michi [friend] – these two have been friends for a long while and live in different parts of the big tree.

Extra Information:
⭐ While she hates garbage, she likes finding treasures among it.
⭐ She loves marshmallows and making other Catien happy, so she became a marshmallow maker.
⭐ She loves making EneriFruit Marshmallow the most.

⭐ Valkyrie cuts her own hair when it gets too long; she usually has her hair tied up.
⭐ She likes to wear comfortable shirts, but hates getting them dirty; she loves her apron.

⭐ Valkyrie loves to make her peers happy.
⭐ She takes it upon herself to think of new marshmallows all the time.
⭐ She likes to think she’s a “treasure-hunting marshmallow maker”

Home: Valkyrie lives in a room on her own near the middle of the big tree, closer to the outside foliage and Enerifruit. She sleeps in a soft hammock with recipe books strewn below her.

Extra Catien Information:
⭐ Catien are the alien form of cats, they live together as a huge Clan in a big tree on one huge planet, named Kyko (the species was created by EmuChika/iChikaX/Captain-nope (DeviantArt)).
⭐ The fruit that grows on the tree that the Catien Clan lives in is called Enerifruit; the flesh is sweet, but the skin is extremely bitter.
⭐ Catien love marshmallows.
⭐ Comics have been drawn by MuseWhimsy.
➖⭐ They can be found here.
⭐ Catien hate humans because they launch their garbage into space and it hits Kyko. They also don’t want to be taken as pets.
⭐ They formerly stared down at Earth and all it’s creations, wondering how one day they will descend down to join them. But now they will conquer Earth for destroying Kyko.
⭐ How to make a Catien
➖⭐ Eye colour: your least favourite colour.
➖⭐ Hair Colour: your favourite colour.
➖⭐ Skin colour: opposite colour than your favourite.
➖⭐ Clothing colour: Favourite colour and brighter.
➖⭐ Ear spheres: Second Favourite colour.
➖⭐ More info here.