WoW – [Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian]

So, here is the second ever prop that I have made! I chose something that is both iconic and is really interesting to look at! So, I chose Medivh/Khadgar’s staff; [Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian].

[Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian] by SuperSiriusXIII

Now, Medivh is iconic on his own, as is old-man Khadgar. But this staff was created from my admiration of the mysterious young-man Khadgar, he’s a boss mage, and he sort of reminds me of my dad.

Onto the write up, this one is lengthier than the first, but let’s start from the top! The raven topper is made from carved insulation foam (carved into the general bird shape), I then hand cut and individually glued 462 craft foam feathers to the main body, the face and feet/talons were sculpted from polymer clay for strength, I then carved a wood grain into the foam for extra texture; the raven is painted with acrylic paints, with extra details painted on (shadows and wood grain).

2 by SuperSiriusXIII

Next is the sash/ribbon area, the red sash is made with a thin custom-cut cotton sash, with the edges burned a little bit to stop it from fraying, the bones/teeth (not sure which they are) are made from white polymer clay, the silver beads are made from silver polymer clay and joined together with wire, the blue orbs are sapphire- coloured resin, with a golden polymer clay “bead cap” on each orb, the orbs are attached to the main staff via fishing wires which have golden beads of different amounts  on the wire.

3 by SuperSiriusXIII
4 by SuperSiriusXIII

And finally, the main staff section, this is a pretty weighty pine rod that I have carved/burned the diamond pattern into, the golden “rings” have also been carved, the “metal” butt of the staff has been raised off the pine rod by using a whole lot of gesso, wood-glue and was then primed; the entire rod is painted with acrylic paints with extra details painted on (shadows and wood grain), the golden rings and silver butt have been painted with automotive paint.

5 by SuperSiriusXIII
6 by SuperSiriusXIII

The total length of the staff is 174cm long (68.50 inches) from top to bottom, making it 14cm (5.51 inches) taller than myself! The raven is 13.5cm (5.31 inches) from head to talon end, and 16cm (6.29 inches) from head to tail end, the sash is 35cm (13.77 inches) from where it meets the staff to the last silver bead, the pine rod is 160.5cm (62.99 inches), the carved diamond-patterned areas are 15cm (5.90 inches), and the silver butt is 21cm (8.26 inches).

I really enjoyed making this one, probably more so than the Sejuani flail. I used old techniques as well learning new ones! I also learned that it’s really hard to photograph something taller thank yourself!



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