2018 BlizzCon Badges

Hi there~ I’m Sirius!

This is my third year doing BlizzCon badges, you don’t have to be going to BlizzCon to get one though! If you want to see the examples of my previous years, you can find them here (2017) and here (2016).

So, what are these badges? 

BlizzCon Badges are a neat way to display your World of Warcraft character or persona! I’ll be drawing a digital bust/shoulders-up portait of your character; these badges are 9.5 x 11.5cm (or 3.7 x 4.5 inches). These are printed on high quality heavyweight paper, laminated, hole punched, sandwiched between cardboard and then shipped off to you!

What you get~!

Or choose a cute budget badge ❤
2018badges - Chibi

Here’s what you can choose from!Budget Badge FramesBadgeFrames-NamePlates.png

Pricing and Payment

Each custom regular badge starts at $50USD/$65AUD (this includes shipping), and the budget badges start at $25USD/$30AUD, but there are optional extras that you can add to it when filling out your information!

You can choose from these art extras:
✦ Battle Pet [+ $5USD / + $6.60AUD];
✦ Hunter Pet [+ $10USD / + $13.50AUD];
✦ Spell effects [+ $5USD / $7AUD];
✦ Weapon (behind character) [+ $5USD / $7AUD];
✦ Glitter [+ $5USD / $7AUD]; and
✦ Glowing pigment [+ $10USD / $13.50AUD].

AND from these physical extras:
✦ 2.5cm/0.98″ Character pin [+ $3USD / $4AUD];
✦ Hearthstone Pendant [+ $15 USD / $20AUD];
✦ Faction Pendant [+ $10USD / $13.30AUD];
✦ 2.5cm/0.98″ Ready check pin and Class role pin (of your choice) [+ $5USD / $6.60AUD]; and
✦ 2.5cm/0.98″ all four Ready check and Class role pins [+ $10USD / $13.30AUD].

You will be notified when your order has been accepted, at that time, the full payment is also due through Paypal at this point.

Order Process

  1. Click the button below, it will take you to my order form.
  2. Fill out the form~!
  3. Allow 1-2 business days to get a confirmation email from me.
  4. I’ll then send you a preliminary sketch; after the sketch is approved, I’ll send you a request for your e-mail linked to your PayPal.
  5. Then you’ll receive an invoice; please pay this within 48 hours.
  6. After payment is made; your badge art will be started!
  7. And finally, once your badge is complete, it’s shipping time!

Now that all the important information is out of the way, it’s time to make your choice~!

 BudgetBadge                         RegularBadge

Past Examples – Art

The following are finished art examples:


Past Examples – Finished Piece

What my badges look like when they are complete:


By default, full copyright on all art belongs to me: the creator, unless agreed otherwise. Ownership and copyright of the characters depicted remains with the client. All artwork is for your personal use only, you may use unaltered artwork for whatever you like; you do not have permission to sell, alter and/or use the artwork commercially in any way without a prior written consent from me; for commercial inquiries, please contact me as rates will be different. And finally, I reserve the right to refuse any commission, for any reason.