Hoo? Sirius, that’s who~!

How do I start this *taps mic* is this thing on?

Let’s start with an intro, shall we? Hi~ I’m Sirius I’m a 24 year old Australian artist (specifically from Sydney, if you wanted to know~) with a Macedonian heritage. By day I’m a graphic designer for a company that creates catalogues, brochures and POS kits for select supermarkets all over Australia; by night I’m a magical girl art gremlin, that does a bit of everything; illustration (both traditional and digital), plushies, and sculpture (replicas, trinkets and props).

I tend to draw a lot (but not share because they’re generally goofy doodles) and draw a whole bunch of stuff, but cute and/or magical things are usually my favourite things to draw! On top of drawing, I also really love sewing, painting, and sculpting; if I can create it with my hands, I will more than likely love doing it! I read a lot and my favourite things to read are fantasy books, bring on the MAGIC! I game a lot too ^u^ my all-time favourite games include Pokemon, WoW, Legend of Zelda, and a whole lot more (that I can’t think of right now)!

Now onto the reason for starting a blog~ I started this blog on my already existing website so that I could enter into Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge, but as I thought about it a bit more, I thought that I could write about more than just things to enter into the challenge! So I’m thinking to write about my art, gaming escapades, and more (#^u^#) I’m also hoping that in doing a blog, I’ll be able to improve my writing and how I express my thoughts (because I’m not very good at doing so); and while my blog may be sporadic, I’ll be doing at least one a week on Fridays!

A quick thank you for reading ❤ and I hope that you'll keep up with me on my journey!